I have an invitation for all of you who enjoy our rallies or take advantage of coach, travel and club information in our quarterly magazine Safari Trails and on this website.  I invite you to think about taking an active part in your club.

It is an often stated truth that there is never a job left undone at a rally because Safari members will always volunteer.

The same cannot be said for serving the Club as a member of the Executive Board.  Those of us who have served or are presently serving the Club in some capacity will tell you that the comparatively small amount of time spent on Club business is well worth the effort.  The Executive Board, which consists of five National Officers, seven Regional Vice Presidents and the Alternate FMCA National Director, is responsible for governing our Club.  Virtually all business is conducted via email.

As a member of the Board you will have a say in the future of Safari International.  You will be working with Board members from across the country.  Over the years I have served Safari International as Regional Vice President and President, I have had the pleasure of working with many people who wanted to do their part for our Club.  All of us have our own personalities which reflect who we are, where we have lived and what we did when we had j-o-b-s.  The two factors that we have in common are a love of the motorhome lifestyle and a desire to do what is best for Safari International.  We do not always agree on what that is, but there can be no doubt that we are all sincere.

If you would like more information about joining us as part of the Executive Board, please feel free to call me or any member of the Board.  Our contact information is available in the “About Us” section on this website and in every issue of Safari Trails.

Bill Trendler, President 09/02/15



Forum Changes

We now have a new category in our Forum. Actually, there are three new categories. All of them are viewable by the non-members, but only registered and signed-in members can post to these new categories. They are a parent category of Classified Ads and then the three new sub categories are Safari Motor Homes, Safari Related Items, and All Other Items. This last category is where a member may post other brands of Motor Homes, Toads, BBQ’s, Pop-Up Awnings, etc. If you have it for sale, we have a place to advertise.  04/29/14


There has been a change of personnel on our website.

Clark Skeans, who has been the Webmaster of this website since its inception and Editor of Safari Trails for years, has made the decision to step back from his website responsibilities to give him more time to travel the world with his wife Martha. All of us in Safari International owe him a great deal for his time and expertise.

He will continue his work with Safari Trails.

Al Wilson, our present West Region Vice President who did the bulk of the work when we were creating the website, has assumed the duties of Webmaster.

He will be assisted by Tim Keppler, our South East Vice President, and Clark Skeans

I wish to personally thank Clark, Al and Tim for their work on behalf of Safari International. The hours they put in are astronomical.

How many times have you heard that Safari International members were a special group? These three exemplify that.

Bill Trendler
President  02/20/14





We have the Safari Motor Coach History in the Members only section of our website.  This history, authored by Safari International member Brian Wigzell, covers the early days of SMC up to the Monaco purchase of SMC in 2001.  Brian is currently working on the history of Safari during the Monaco manufacuring years that ended in 2008.  It will be available on the website when finished. 01/09/14



PayPal - We now accept PayPal (no PayPal account needed) for membership applications and renewals.  Click here for Membership Application.  11/11/2013

Safari International has a number of manuals, brochures and files available for you to read or copy.  We have added a "Manuals and Files" menu item in our Members area and are continuing to collect these items from our members.  You can help us by emailing your scanned digitized PDF files to our webmaster at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. PDF files are the only files that we can accept.  07/12/2013














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