Quartzsite 2022

No-Host / No-Cost Gathering...Dry camp on BLM land

The Safari International group will continue to hold their gathering on Plomosa Rd up north of Quartzsite. The dates are firm – starting on Thursday, January 20th just prior to the “Big Tent” RV show (which opens that Saturday, the 22nd) and running through Sunday the 23rd. This is an informal event where all are encouraged to come early and stay late if so desired.

The location info, excerpted from the Winter 2019 issue of the Trails, remains unchanged:

Directions – On AZ-95 North between Mile Markers 114 and 115, turn east on Plomosa Road. Drive about two miles. We’ll be on the south side. Look for the Safari International flag and banner.

This year we anticipate even more joint functions where both the Safari-International and the Trek groups have the option to mingle…..

A Trek-hosted kickoff social hour on Thursday afternoon at their new location in Scaddan Wash starting at 3:00 PM Arizona Standard Time;

On Friday Redlands will bring their presentation to the Trek site in Scaddan Wash at 3:00 PM preceding a joint social hour (or even possibly bringing the traditional Redlands wine and cheese to the table);

A Saturday morning option to take a field trip to the Desert Bar followed by another AWESOME potluck that evening starting at 4:30;

On Sunday morning, the Trek group is planning to staff and produce a repeat of their highly successful breakfast - so far we’ve seen pancakes one year and biscuits & gravy the next, however, this is still only a potential at this point as the key players responsible for this breakfast event are unable to attend this year and a new coordinator is still in-work.

Directions from our Plomosa Rd site to the Trek’s site in Scaddan Wash can be found HERE ....and a copy of the Trek Agenda with guidelines (and a finer detail map for their site) can be found HERE .

We’ve been in deep hibernation for long enough now! Come join us.....in the fresh air at Quartzsite.


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