Past President's Update


As of 06 April, 2024!

There have been MANY changes since my last update here as President in August of 2022!


We planned and successfully held two 35th Anniversary celebrations, the first for our Western geographic membership footprint was held in September 2023 at the Silver Spur RV Resort in Silverton OR....followed by the second held in early November at Americas Best Campground RV Resort in Branson MO.  I was fortunate enough to attend both and can say with absolute authority that they were totally awesome!


The final outcome was that Safari International provided our membership with some truly memorable events and, in-process, we were able to recruit fresh members to fill our Executive Board with VERY capable new leadership so that your organization can continue.


Our new President, Ronald Sloan, had asked me if I could remain as the Webmaster, and I agreed to continue in that role.  In the past four months I have increased my efforts to resolve two issues that had adversely affected our website....a long-standing issue with the Forums module which had prevented us from creating any new topic posts, and a more recent issue with our online Membership renewal form where the ReCapcha paywall was failing to properly execute and as a result, causing us to have to revert to the "old school" renewal process where we had to print out a paper PDF, then mail that form with an actual written check!  I can happily report that as of today, I HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL in resolving BOTH ISSUES!!!!




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